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Here are some gig pics . . .

New Year's Eve Party 2000-2001

Disco Ball

Do a little dance . . . get down tonight!

Wedding Reception September 2003

DJ point of view

Light Truss

Water light on screen, red creates romantic mood


White water light for wedding atmosphere

Astro-Glyde brings over 45,000 songs and videos---->

of the highest DVD/CD quality on 2750 DVD/CD's by over 900 artists. The music is updated by 150 - 200 new songs on "at least" 9 brand spankin' new DVD/CD's...a month. ---->

In other words. Our selection is "UNPARALLELED" not just in Indiana but the great midwest!!!*

Can do indoor or . . .

outdoor receptions,

Day or Night


Sound check!

Lights, camera, action!

Oak Hill Prom 2004

Brides just wanna have fun.

We flood the dance floor with hundreds of colored beams of light that pulse, throb, and dance to the beat of the music.

"Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture" or video, or slideshow, or light show, or...

Oak Hill Prom 2004

Color bar images along with stained glass, fire, water, jet trails, hearts, moons, stars, clovers, and red balloons. Everything including the whole box of lucky charms as far as images go are cast on the dance floor and surrounding walls and ceiling.

We get'em dancing like no other!!!

Wabash High School Homecoming King & Queen - 2004!

Wabash High School Homecoming court 2004! Congrats and Go Apax!

Even a digital camera cannot capture the brilliance of the "EFFECTS" lighting!

Spider-web or time vortex tunnel? Just one of hundreds of video images/lighting affects that come standard with Astro-Glyde!

Northfield Homcoming King & Queen 2004! Congrats Norse!


*Mainstream Pop Radio/Video, Country Radio/Video, Urban (rap, hip-hop, club, dance) Radio/Video, Modern Rock Radio/Video, Alternative/College/CMJ New Music Monthly Radio = an average of 200 new songs a month. These are only availble to record industry professionals, and we got'em! In other words if it's on the charts billboard or others, if it's on pop radio - any station, or it's on TV-Mtv-M2-VH-1-VH-1 Classics-B.E.T-and so on, chances are excellent we already have it before it's released to the public in many cases. If you or your guests want to hear it...we have it! With a total library of over 7000 DVD/CD's, the discs not accounted for are currently being cataloged, we challenge you to find a DJ service with more highest quality songs/videos anywhere!